An okay developer who knows a little bit about code.

About me

A little bit about me

Hi, my name is Jayden I am your average teen developer/programmer/nerds/whateverpeoplecallus. I spend a lot of my time developing/programming anything that I want too and sometimes playing a little bit of video games. When developing I love to work with languages such as Javascript (node.js) and the tiniest bit of python, I just started to learn html as well! I started off coding with a C# Discord bot that I was making for a server that only had basic and terrible commands.

About a year later I started to learn everything on my own and not ask for so much help. I started to develop a JS Discord bot I only moved over due to embeds really. Fast-foward about 2-3 months I started a developer group called The Developer Network you can visit the website here.

Since all that currently I am just making really whatever I want in my spare time, mainly discord bots. I am still learning, and I plan to make more progress in the future.

Lastly, I might be started paid work if people want it. Thanks for reading!